Swimming Promotes Happy Kids

Swimming is more than just good fitness; it’s also enjoyable, powerful, kids swimming lessons teach your child a crucial life skill.

“The earlier you enrol your child in kids swimming lessons, the greater the potential for a developmental leap.”

Kids swimming lessons at Splash Aquademy Swim School give children even more reasons to smile! When children find an activity that they enjoy, they are likely to be happier both in and out of the pool.

Swimming also allows you to create a lifetime of memories, whether it’s with family at the beach or with friends at a pool party.

Kids Swimming lessons teach kids independence, allow them to be active while having fun, allow them to get out of potentially life-threatening situations, and allow them to fully enjoy excursions such as beach vacations.

Kids appear to have boundless energy, and while you’d think they’d burn it off during the day, they actually need to train ALL of their muscles in an effective way, which kids swimming lessons are ideal for!

Research shows that children who take kids swimming lessons are far better at drawing, using pencils, and building with blocks. They also have better balance and coordination than non-swimmers.

Two crucial components are essential for a child’s cognitive development: a safe environment and learning through directed play. According to a Griffith University study, children who learn to swim at a young age reach physical and mental milestones ahead of their peers. It is thought that the type of instruction and sensory experience that children are exposed to in kids swimming lessons early on translates into the type of learning they will be doing in the classroom.

After all, life is a large pool full with lessons that stretch us, transform us, and push us out of our comfort zones. Splash Aquademy Swim School assists kids gain confidence in the water while also teaching them life skills that will help them in the pool and beyond!

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