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All the Safety and All the fun with Splash Aquademy’s Covid Compliance Measures


Splash Aquademy is a game-based learn to swim facility focused on creating life long swimmers who enjoy the water, love swimming and are safe in an aquatic environment.

We accommodate young children and adults alike, using age-appropriate, diverse and creative lessons. Our ratio of 1 instructor per 3 learners ensures a boutique experience to all our learners, allowing us to provide constant feedback and support to each swimmer.

Our lesson plans combine an array of visual, tactile and auditory tools to accommodate all learning styles and age groups- ensuring confident and capable swimmers.

Toddler Swim

Introducing your toddler to the water is a magical experience. Our toddler swim classes are an excellent water orientation tool, from 6 to 48 months.

Intensive Learn to Swim workshops

Our intensive learn to swim workshops are focused on establishing safe water practices and introducing basic swimming skills. If you want to learn to swim in a month- this is the course for you!

Learn to Swim kids

We ensure that your child will love swimming by incorporating fun and games into well-structured and proven lesson plans. Ages 4 to 12 years.

Learn To Swim Adults

At Splash Aquademy we use gentle progressive lesson plans to teach each of the aquatic principles. Ensuring that you will not only be safe in the water, but will love it too.


Play As You Learn

Structured lessons

Each lesson is planned out in advance with a specific set of objections in mind.

Our instructors are flexible in adapting the subject matter to suit the needs of each swimmer.

Water safety

Our first objective is to instil unbreakable water safety habits from the very first lesson. Every Splash Aquademy swimmer is a safe, cautious and knowledgeable swimmer.

Life skill

Swimming is a life skill which will translate to many stages of life- it is therapeutic for injuries, offers an intense resistant work out and is an enjoyable way to spend your time.

Game-centred lessons

We achieve our objectives through a series of games and creative activities. This allows swimmers to (literally) immerse themselves in a different world- whilst gaining valuable knowledge and learned skills.

Eliminating Fears

An essential part of swimming is trusting the water- this can only be achieved through learned skill. Knowing how your body will react in the water creates a confidence which will lead to an excellent swimmer.

Love of swimming

Splash Aquademy is all about sharing the feeling of fun and freedom in the water. We aim for each swimmer to love the feel of the water.



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