Nothing is more precious to us than our Splash Cadets, so in-line with Swim SA recommendations we have instututed the following safety measure to ensure we have all the safety- with all the fun:



  • Always ensure a social distance of minimum 1.5m
  • No direct contact between participants
  • Prepare the training facility before activity takes place, which includes cleaning and sanitizing the entire facility
  • Classes/groups will have a maximum of two students per lesson.
  • Place hand sanitiser at the entrances of the facility
  • Screen staff members daily with both symptom and temperature checks
  • Screen clients for both symptom checks and temperature checks
  • Changeroom facilities will not be available
  • Clean and sanitise each piece of shared equipment after each use with sanitiser with at least 70% alcohol content.
  • Ensure all staff members wear masks or face shields compliant with the national guidelines.
  • Ensure all members bring their own water bottle, towel, and equipment for only their personal use
  • Ensure all members wash their hands with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds or use sanitisers when entering and leaving the premises
  • Ensure the use of the shared bathrooms should be kept to an absolute minimum
  • Ensure all members travel to and from practice wearing a face mask
  • Ensure all members bring their own food, no shared food areas will be allowed
  • No physical contact will be allowed, such as handshakes or high fives. Swimmers will be verbally praised instead.
  • To reduce the risk of exposure no spectators will be allowed, parents are to wait in the car
  • Comply with the limitations of SSA’s COVID-19 Levels in accordance to the Level applicable to their Province, Metro or District.
  • Implement any other specific rules that may be sent out from time to time



  • Non-coaching staff (administrators/cleaners) – masks will always be required
  • Coaching staff – face shields/masks will be worn when necessary. Additionally, face masks will be worn when in close contact with a swimmer.
  • Parents – masks/face shields will always be required
  • Swimmers – masks/face shields will be required, from exiting the car and keep them on when entering and exiting the pool area. Once arriving to their initial physical distanced bag drop area, the swimmer will remove the mask or face shield, place it in their bag (preferably in a designated smaller bag/case/Ziplock bag) and keep it isolated with their personal items throughout training. They will then reapply them on exiting, before leaving their bag drop area (including in the car park)
  • There will be separate demarcated bag drop areas to avoid contamination


  • Students to wait in their car before the lesson and may only enter once they receive an sms stating that it is safe to do so
  • Any swimmers arriving after the designated time slot will not be allowed access to the pool for that training day. If you arrive early, the parent/guardian must please wait in the car and keep the swimmer in the car with them until the 10 minutes before session.
  • Please arrive in your training costume with clothes over it, as change rooms will be off limits.
  • Everyone will need to complete an online google survey before being allowed to enter the premesis
  • Everybody will pass through the sanitising station.
  • Temperature will be taken and recorded by a designated health and safety officer/s, 37.5˚C or above will not be allowed into the pool area.
  • At the entrance, a designated person will then go through the screening questionnaire and temperature check with the swimmer.
  • Once the swimmer has been cleared to enter, the parent/guardian may then leave.
  • If a swimmer fails the symptom check/temperature check, the health and safety officer will send the swimmer back to the car, and the parent/guardian is then responsible, to remove the swimmer from the premises, and seek medical assistance or self-isolate for 14 days.
  • If not isolating for 14 days, the swimmer must produce an up to date & negative COVID 19 test result before being allowed re-entry.
  • After passing the symptom and temperature check, the swimmer must sanitise their hands and then move to the pool area.
  • Upon Entering the pool area, the swimmer must move directly to the designated isolated bag drop area and put their bag down on the furthest available bag drop area from the entrance.
  • Place mask/face shield in bag. Only move to the side of the pool when instructed by the coaching staff


  • Collect belongings from the side of the pool and move to your designated bag area, while maintaining physical distance (1.5m)
  • Put on mask/face shield and get dressed (you will only have 5 minutes)
  • Leave pool area immediately – no loitering/chatting.
  • Parents to wait in their cars in a parking spot in the parking lot.
  • Parents to ensure they collect children on time to reduce loitering.
  • Swimmers will not be allowed to stand around waiting in the parking lot, parents must please ensure that they are 5 minutes early to collect swimmers.
  • Upon exiting the gate at the pool, please use the sanitiser provided to sanitise your hands.
  • Keep masks/face shields on until you enter your vehicle.



  • Swimmers will be required to bring their own water bottles, so water fountains/taps are not shared.
  • Bathrooms
    • Change rooms will be closed. Please change at home.
    • Bathrooms will be open for emergencies only
  • Awareness posters will be placed throughout the training venue to remind swimmers of all sanitising policies. The name and contact number of the compliance officer will be displayed at the entrance.
  • Due to their lower immune systems we will not be training any children under three years of age


  • We will only run one class at a time
  • Depending on each COVID Level, class numbers will be limited.
    • Adults intense classes: Maximum 2 per coach
    • Children’s classes: One-on-One except in the case of siblings
  • Breaks between classes will be scheduled to allow for cleaning and orderly entry and exit of swimmers.
  • Where possible, class groups (and coach/s) will remain the same throughout the pandemic to ensure less risk and ease of contact tracing if required.
  • No children under 3 years may attend lessons until further notice due to weakened immune systems.



Parents will not be allowed inside the school buildings or swimming pool area; parents are please to remain in their cars and are requested to not socialise outside of their vehicles while waiting in the parking lot.

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