Our Branches

We have an array of branch types to suit the needs and budget of every prospective swimmer:

Splash Aqaudemy Boutique Swim School

This is our premium band focusing on a calm and quality swimming experience. All lessons are taught in a heated pool, surrounded by nature, with just you and the instructor in the pool.

These branches are ideal for anyone who wants personalised attention in a stress-free environment. Adults, kids and persons with special needs welcome.

Splash Aquademy Kids Swim School

These fun branches are focused on getting kids water savvy, we teach in group classes only (4 kids per class) and have a ball singing songs and playing games.

Don’t let the low low price tag fool you- these branches are priced well to make swimming accessible to everyone- but the lessons are still great quality with most kids starting to swim unaccompanied after just 1 term!

Splash Aquademy KIDS branches are fun for children aged 4 and up!

Splash Aquademy Lifestyle Swim School

These branches are the perfect median between our KIDS and Boutique branches. They accommodate Toddlers from as young as 6 months right through to adults. All our courses are offered at these branches.

These branches are ideal for families who want to learn together. We are very accommodating while scheduling to ensure that various family members are booked close together, that way your swimming ambitions wont take up all your spare time!

Where to find our branches

In keeping with our game based lessons we love to play “spot the branch”, in summer we have numerous pop-up branches that will be listed right here! Our branches are only in JHB right now- we will venture out soon enough.

Our main branch is at 21 Sunningdale drive in Kibler park- this is a boutique branch and by appointment only.

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