So how has my experience been so far at swim school as an adult?

Learning how to swim can be challenging as an adult because you have either tried to learn before and it didn’t yield any fruit or you had a bad experience and that’s why you still haven’t learnt. With me it’s been both, but what I found is that going to swim school was the best place for me to learn how to swim. I really enjoy my swimming lessons; my swimming instructor has really been patient with me and is very encouraging- she always ensures that I understand what I am doing in the water. From time to time we play games in the water to help us learn something new about being in the water, which I’ve found to be a fun way to learn and I remember things better this way. I also really appreciate that she looks at simple things, which other people would not notice like my natural stroke in the water. And that each lesson begins with us going over how my body feels, or if there have been any new health conditions that have I experienced since the commencing of the lessons. It’s great to know that your instructor really cares and shares your goal of learning how to swim and wants you to do it well.   

 Well it’s safe to say that I’ve gain a new found confidence in the water and that is something that I didn’t expect to feel since I’ve only had three lessons thus far. I mean its really hard to change your mind about a bad experience, let alone a near drowning experience. I remember thinking to myself, “am I crazy?” The last time I was in water I nearly died. But now I can float on my back and I’m still getting over the fear of having my whole body under water but its getting better with each lesson. Breathing lessons have really helped me get over having my whole face under water because my biggest fear was breathing in the water but now I know that if I blow air out of my mouth while I’m under water I’ll be fine. I’ve actually started to enjoy the feeling of being in water and I don’t freak out anymore when I see more people enter the pool. And it feels so good now that I’m actually using the pool in my complex. For the longest of time I was paying for other people to enjoy the pool but now I go down there so much practicing my kicks, and sometimes I just cool off in the water.

 I really think learning to swim at Splash Aquademy is the best way to learn, instead of being thrown into the deep end by your big brother in the aim of teaching you how to swim. Splash Aquademy is a great place for adults to learn how to swim, in a judgement free zone.

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