Mili learns to Siwm

I had tried learning to swim a dozen times but each time my heart jumped. It  was indescribably exhausting and unpleasant.

When I got the call from Tiffany to start swimming lessons with her company, Splash Aquademy the nerves crept up but with nerves, a quiet resolve to challenge myself, face my fears and go into the deep end literally and figuratively.

And so my swimming journey began…


I walked into a very chilled out spa with an enclosed pool and I saw a toddler taking lessons. I thought to myself, “If this toddler isn’t dying here right now then I probably will be ok”. Guys and girls, I am happy to announce that it was actually amazing.

Tiffany was gentle, patient and more importantly super professional. She eased all the fears that I might have had about drowning and taught me different ways of swimming, breathing underwater, pushing myself and being faster in my paddling.

At the end of the 1-hour session I was exhausted but so fulfilled to have faced my fear of swimming and actually swimming not floating or holding on to walls :).

There is still lots to be learned but I am honestly so excited about this journey and looking forward to the next three sessions with her.





If you would like to learn how to swim as an adult like me here’s what you need to know about Splash Aquademy. Splash’s lesson plans combine an array of visual, tactile and auditory tools to accommodate all learning styles and age groups- ensuring confident and capable swimmers.

Author Info: Hi I am Mili, a passionate blogger. You can find my blog here.




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