Not All Fun & Games

What I do is often dismissed with the roll of a cynical eye and twitch of a smirk on the lips of a learn-to-swim non-believer.

You get the old-school cats who are always chanting their mantra: “In my day there were no swim teachers- we were just thrown into the deep end and told to swim and we did- so why is this such a big deal now?”

What these parents don’t realize is how many children experience traumatic near-drowning experiences because of such practices and as a result fear, or even loathe, the water. Splash Aquademy uses games to negate fear whilst still teaching learners the core aquatic principles- essential to swimming success.

You see me singing “the wheels on the bus” and think I’m cooked, but look closesly at each action… when I blow bubbles to make the sound of the engine I am actually doing an introduction to Aquatic Breathing, when I flip your child from his tummy to his back several times, gently tossing him up and down, I am teaching Rotation and Orientation.

You see the children balancing on my “treasure island” and wonder what this possibly has to do with swimming, but what you don’t realize is that they are learning Balance and Buoyancy and when they jump off the island and climb on several times they are getting an introduction to Entries, Exits and Diving.

Several other games are utilized in instilling the remaining core aquatic principles which are Streamlining, Travel and Co-ordination and Sculling and Treading water. These principles are integral to the swimming process and one cannot be a swimmer without employing each of them.

Explaining these principles to a young child with limited vocabulary could be challenging, but playing “ring-a ring-a Rosie” is not, so at Splash Aquademy we speak their language and interact and teach through games book a free lesson now and see the results for yourself

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